Developing A Plan For A New Community Agency.

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Developing a Plan for a New Community Agency. Identify a specific community -based need and develop a plan for a new service agency to address that need. In a paper of at least 3,500 words (excluding title, abstract and references pages). address all the following:

a. Identify a specific human services need and evaluate the kind of evidence required to demonstrate the scope and magnitude of that need.

b. Identify a community directly affected by need you have identified, and discuss how you would gather information to evaluate the impact of that need on the community.

c. Write a mission statement for the new agency you would create to respond to the need you have identified, and outline specific objectives of the agency.

d. Describe the typical interventions that might be offered by the agency, and review the responsibilities of professionals who might be involved in facilitating these types of interventions.

e. Recommend ways for the new agency bias and ensure that it provides fair and equitable service for people of all socio-cultural backgrounds.

f. Propose ethical guidelines that would be appropriate for the agency.

g. Recommend a set of quantitative and qualitative evaluation approaches to determine the effectiveness of services provided by the agency you have proposed. Discuss how results of such evaluation approaches could be used to determine the value of the services provided by the agency and to refine the services provided to better meet the needs of clients.

Support your analysis, discussion, and recommendations with references to at least five scholarly sources (academic journal articles) in addition to any internet sources you reference. Do not rely on textbooks as primary sources. Your primary sources must be academic journal articles.

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