Develop a Strategy for an Organisation Doing Business in Europe

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Using key topics from this module develop a strategy for a food or beverage manufacturer from a country outside of the EU for entry into the EU market.
You can choose either a food or a beverage manufacturer from a country outside of Europe for entry into the EU market.

The company is considering expanding its business to the EU. The company wants to expand its manufacturing and distribution plant to Europe as well as sell it products in the EU market. It has been their ambition for the last 5 years to expand through the process of internationalization. They believe that EU would be an ideal destination for this expansion.

You are a group of consultants who have been asked by the company to assess the situation and provide advice to the company.

Evaluate the business environment of the EU as a suitable destination for your business to set up its operation and recommend an articulated sustainable business strategy for the implementation and operation of this business in Europe.

In order to achieve the above task, answer the following question:

1. Why would your company choose the EU for its manufacturing plant?
2. What are the institutional and policy challenges and advantages within the EU that would affect the ability of this company to successfully operate in the EU?
3. Assess any 3 countries in the EU that would be suitable for the company to locate its production and distribution facility for Europe and recommend the best of the 3 as the most suitable location?
4. What factors would this company have to consider in setting up its production and distribution facility in the chosen country and how can the company deal with them?
5. Recommend a strategy with justification for the company entering and successfully operating its business in the EU market. This strategy must include a practical and feasible step-by-step action plan with justifications for each action.
Your Management Report should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues:
• Current issues in the European business environment
• The economic, political, social and infrastructural similarities and differences between countries and the opportunities for your business
• The role of institutional framework and policies of the EU, related organisations and their impact on the business
• The main challenges faced by the business strategy for doing business in Europe and the tools available to manage them
• The strategies for doing business in Europe including entry strategy and strategy for successful business operations

Your Management Report should include:
1. Title Page
Executive Summary
2. Table of contents

3. Introduction
4. Question 1
5. Question 2
6. Question 3
7. Question 4
8. Question 5
6. Conclusion
7. References

8. Appendix (if required)

Your assignment will be assessed using a rubric (marking criteria). The full pdf can be found on your moodle page.

Your assignment should include in-text citations and supported with a full List of References at the end of the assignment. You are expected to use the CU Harvard Referencing Style. Please refer to the CU referencing guide.

Word Limit: 5000 words, using the standard Management Report format described above

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