Designing A Health Campaign

Designing AHealth Campaign

Imagine that you are trying to reach a specific population about a health topic and are

creating a health campaign directed toward them.

Once you have your health topic, brainstormwhy this is important for your target

population to know about and how it specifically impacts them. Consider what

specifically youwould like for them to be educated about regarding this topic. For

example, “eating healthy” couldmeanmany things.What specifically about “eating

healthy” would be helpful for them to know?

Youwill need to find 3 academic sources that relate to your topic and include at least 2

of them in your final campaign document.

You also need to apply one of the behavioral changemodels (Social EcologicalModel for Public Health / Behavioral ChangeModels) to assess the causes of your health problem and discuss how your interventions address your health problem.

Think about the following as you design your campaign:

● Decide exactly who is your target audience (for example young people ages

8-10 living in the Bay Area, or women of color over 40 living in the Excelsior

district, orMills College students who are enrolled in their first semester of


● Apply one of the behavioral changemodels found inModule 1. Talk about

how your campaign assesses the fundamental causes of your health problem

andwhat interventions have you developed to address these problems in

your campaign. Be specific.

● Design a short slogan to promote positive and healthymessages related to

your topic.

● Include some images that relate to your health campaign. (Youmay create

these or use existing images).

● Decide how youwill convey this message (TV, magazine, app, social media,

etc.) Of course, youwill not really be doing this campaign, but imagining that

youwere, what media outlet would you use andwhy.

Information about sources:

1. Please find 3 academic sources that relate to your topic. .edu or .gov sources are best but youmay use a .org source if it is academic/research

organization. (Do not use any source that is selling something as part of their

website.) For example, youwant to reduce the rate of diabetes in young

people. Find sources that talk about diabetes in young people.

2. Your textbook cannot be one of your 3 required sources, but you can use it

in your paper if youwant but you need 3 other sources.

3. If you use a .com source, it cannot be part of your 3 required sources. 4. Please cite at least 2 of your sources in your paper inMLA or APA format.

5. Please include a bibliography/works cited at the end of your essay.

6. Youmay incorporate your sources wherever they fit in the paper. You could

put them in why you choose your topic or your target audience for example.

There are 2 parts to this assignment

Part 1 (15pts)

I want you to tell me

1. Your topic- Be specific such as saying depression in youngwomen at UCSC.

Do not just say depression. Specify your population by age, location, etc. (4


2. Why are you choosing your topic? (4 points)

3. What Behavioral changemodel do you think youwill use andwhy are you

choosing it? (4 points)

4. Include your 3 sources. You need 3 distinct sources. They cannot all be from

onewebsite.(3 points)

Part 2 is the complete campaign. (35 pts)

Please write your paper in the following format.

Number each section! Each section is worth 5 points

1. Why did you choose your topic? You could use your sources in this section or

section 2 or both. This section should be at least 1-2 paragraphs.

2. Target audience-explain why you are choosing your target audience.

3. Apply one of the behavioral changemodels found inModule 1 to your health

campaign. How does your health campaign assess the fundamental causes of

a health problem andwhat interventions have you developed to address

these problems in your campaign.

4. Slogan-Tell mewhy you chose your slogan

5. Images (2-3)

6. How youwill convey yourmessage?

7. Bibliography/works cited- Include your 3 sources