Design A Qualitative Study

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read the instructor guidance, the qualitative section of Chapter 7 and all of Chapter 9 in the Creswell and Creswell text, the article by Bieler et al. titled Distributing Reflexivity Through Co-laborative EthnographyLinks to an external site., the article by Morgan et al. titled Case Study Observational Research: A Framework for Conducting Case Study Research Where Observation Data Are the FocusLinks to an external site., the article by Spector-Mersel & Knaifel titled Narrative Research on Mental Health Recovery: Two Sister ParadigmsLinks to an external site., and the article by Urcia titled Comparisons of Adaptations in Grounded Theory and Phenomenology: Selecting the Specific Qualitative Research MethodologyLinks to an external site.. Also review Standard 8 of the APA Ethical Principles for Psychologists and Code of ConductLinks to an external site. from Week 1. Your instructor will post an announcement with the assigned qualitative research question. You and your colleagues will share ideas about how to research this topic using a qualitative approach.

In your initial post, consider the following guidelines:

Compare the characteristics and appropriate uses of the qualitative research designs covered in the week’s required readings.
Apply the scientific method by selecting an appropriate qualitative research design and methods that align with the provided research question.
Create a feasible research design including plans for the sample selection, data collection, and data analysis.
Explain how you would use reflexivity while planning and carrying out the research.
Apply ethical principles by explaining how this type of qualitative research design may affect the participants in your study and how you will deal with ethical and sociocultural issues.

For Discussion 2, design a qualitative research study based on this research question: “What is the lived experience of homeless young adults in rural areas in the United States?”