Data Collection

Help with Developing data collection form for an Oncologic clinical data registry

Case Study
The academic medical center begins building an oncologic clinical data registry. Jane’s case, and many like hers, are very instructive for training purposes. This multidisciplinary effort is led by the Oncology Department and is seen as a way to enhance their institutional reputation as a leader in cancer care, as well as potential revenue stream for vendor participation. They would like to stand this up in 12-16 months.

Questions for Consideration
What are the trade-offs for the patient to participate in a clinical data registry?
List three technical considerations need to be addressed for this kind of effort?

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Sample Data Collection FormLinks to an external site.

Develop a data collection form for an oncologic clinical data registry that is no more than two pages long. Include at least one page of instructions for clinicians to gather/document and submit data. Consider what types of data will be collected and where it can be found. Which team members have the most effective resources to collect data? Provide details about what you would include and well as which data elements are excluded.