Data Analysis

Choose 1 quantitative element that you would like to research in relation to the organization that you selected for your business plan. This element may be related to products, services, target market, consumer preferences, competition, personnel, resources, supply chain, financing, advertising, or other areas of interest. However, at least one of these elements should be related to a product or service that your organization is planning to offer.

Develop forecasts by implementing the following approach:

Collect data, including old demand forecast (subjective data) and the actual demand outcomes.
Establish the forecasting method (from readings). Decide on the balance between subjective and objective data and look for trends and seasonality.
Forecast future demand using a forecasting method.
Make decisions based on step 3.
Develop a 5-10 PowerPoint Slide presentation evaluating the findings from the supported data points above, and explain the impact of these findings on operational decision making. Insert the charts and supporting data from Excel and other tools in your presentation.

Cite references to support your assignment.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.