Data Analysis

Run a Two-Way ANOVA using JASP
Be sure to copy and paste the following prompts into your submission document. Type or cut and paste your response directly beneath the prompt:

1) In an APA formatted table, list the variables from the dataset that you are using in your investigation . Indicate whether they are grouping (only use 2 categorical variables) or response variables (only select to use 1 continuous variable).

2) Run the 2 way ANOVA and report the output tables

3) Interpret the p values.

4) Is there an interaction affect detected? Explain.

5) Perform the following assumption checks and interpret results.

Independence : Assume this assumption to be met give this to be a random generated sample

Homogeneity of variances : run the homogeneity test

Normality: generate a QQ plot

5) Do you need to perform a post hoc test? If yes, paste and interpret the results. If no, explain why.

6) If your ANOVA results are significant, generate effect size estimate (report omega squared) and interpret as small, medium , or large effect size.

For the presentation, Using JASP or Excel create a slide presentation covering ONE of the following analyses over this dataset (APA formatting of tables and charts is expected). Use bullet points on slides. Assumption check results should be reported.

1) Conduct a one-way ANOVA test and report the results.

2) Conduct a simple regression test and report results

DO NOT DO BOTH. Only an ANOVA or a regression analysis

Presentation should be visually pleasing, neat, and organized. Include a title slide. Seven additional content slide minimum

Should include evidence and interpretations for:

Descriptive statistics tables for all variables (measure of center, spread, skewness, kurtosis)
Histogram for dependent variables, scatterplot for regression variables
All analysis output tables
Interpretation of key output table statistics (R, R squared for regression)
Interpretation of p-values
Results of a normality check
Results of homogeneity of variances check
Post hoc results (ANOVA)
Effect size (ANOVA)
One conclusion drawing as a result of your investigation