Critical Incident Reflection

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Plan of assessment and guidance.

  • The effective management of chronic illness is important and often nurses

               see very positive outcomes. However on occasions it is evident that things

               could have gone better. For this assessment you are required to provide a

               reflective account of a critical incident. It can be an incident that was

               positive or negative.

  • You may pick a critical incident in managing a patient which links with.

               communication, referral, or care coordination.

  • You could consider how information availability could influence.

               communication, referral or care coordination.

  • This is NOT an essay about reflection in its own right
  • You can do this from memory and do not need to have access to patient notes.


  • Any reading you do must allow you to show critical analysis in your writing
  • 1500 words is not huge: you must get to the point and provide critical

               Analysis of the issue you have chosen in relation to learning outcome

  • Remember you action plan will be the start of your next assignment

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