Crime Justice

450 words

1. Evidence-based policing is not just about the process or products of evaluating police practices, but also about the translation of that knowledge into digestible and useable forms and the institutionalization of that knowledge into practice and policing systems.

· Discuss five types of activities evidence-based policing can involve.

· Discuss at least three obstacles in relation to police and evidence-based policing.

2. In less than two decades, community policing has evolved from a few small foot patrol studies to the preeminent reform agenda of modern policing. Four complicating factors have made it extremely difficult to determine the effectiveness of community policing.

· Explain the four complicating factors.

RESOURCES You may use any source in addition to the textbook.

SPECIFICATIONS Post your opening response early so that others have time to respond to you. Include your references at the bottom of your response. For a top score, you must respond intelligently and constructively to at least two other students. More extensive participation will be noted.