Crime and Deviance Final Essay

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  1. Choose ONE of the trafficking offences listed below and analysethe usefulness of ‘globalisation’ and ‘neo-liberalism’ as explanatory tools for why people engage in your chosen offence.
  2. Sex trafficking
  3. Child trafficking
  4. Drug trafficking

What format should I use when writing the essay?

Your written response to the question will be submitted in essay format and within the 1,500 (+/-10%) word limit. It would be appropriate to use headings to signal the way you will direct your analysis and discussion. At all times use a formal writing style with correct referencing. Full details on the referencing style for this unit can be found at: 

The essay MUST:

  • Be word processed, use 12 point font and be double spaced. You are free to choose your font style, but make sure it is legible
  • Adopt a fluent and scholarly writing style Support viewpoints with reasoned argument, substantiated by relevant theoretical material and research evidence
  • Use in-text citations and referencing conventions as outlined in the WSU Harvard Referencing Guide
  • Use a MINIMUM of five scholarly references (Can we use at least 8 Scholarly References please)

The following sections should be included in your essay:

Introduction: Orients the reader to the topic, previewing the stages of the essay, and clarifying the writer’s position.

Body paragraphs: The body of an essay consists of a logically sequenced series of paragraphs that develops the essay topic. Each paragraph should express one key idea that relates to your analysis. Begin the paragraph by introducing the key idea and then explain and elaborate on the idea using relevant scholarly literature and research evidence. Try to use sentences that connect each paragraph to one another by linking ideas and lines of argument.

Conclusion: Restates the major argument developed in the essay. Briefly summarise major points and implications.

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