Crafting a Strategy

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To assess your ability to:

  • develop an effective assessment of a company’s current competitive situation.
  • determine the goals and objectives of a company to achieve a competitive advantage.
  • establish a basic strategic and competitive approach for a company to pursue.


Throughout this course, you will be writing a series of business briefs. A business brief is a concise document that provides context for the brief (what it is about), facts, and recommendations. The brief should be addressed to the Director or Executive Staff. You should think of these briefs in the same way as you would formally communicate with your supervisor in your current work situation. View the attached sample business brief.

Note: The questions in the Key Points provide a greater perspective on strategy that you will need in your careers. However, the assignments are more specifically focused. You only need to address the questions in the assignment.

Action Items

  1. Read the attached Glo-Bus document and answer the questions in the business brief. Answering these questions will help you craft your strategy.
  2. Review the attached Critical Thinking Process.
  3. Craft a strategy for your GLO-BUS company. Write a 1½- to 2-page business brief that include the answers posed in the attached Glo-Bus document. Your business brief should be directed to your director or the executive staff of your company.


Note: With this overview and assignment, you will develop a complete Strategic Plan for your international Camera Company. In Weeks 2 – 5, you will be adding to the plan initiated with this assignment. Also, you are expected to adjust your Strategic Plan based on your camera company’s actual performance during each decision period. In future weeks, you will be asked to attach an addendum to each business brief describing how you would improve your business brief based on actual performance during the GLO-BUS simulation and on the discussion that occur in the Meet sessions.

Grading Criteria

  • Content: All of the requirements are met in the assignment; main ideas are addressed; content is correct and of high quality: 25 points
  • Analysis/Synthesis: The information is understood and integrated well. It synthesizes relevant information and materials to provide evidence of critical thought: 15 points
  • Mechanics: Follows APA guidelines and correct grammar, sentence structure, and word choice was used. The brief paper is free of typographical and spelling errors: 5 point

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