Corporate Finance & Investments

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You are required to critically evaluate some or all of your real world trading experience on the virtual platform BullBearings (London based stocks only) from the period October 2015 – January 2016.

You should make a particular effort to assess the extent to which the theories of financial economics and commercial knowledge informed your trading decisions, and whether upon reflection these theories have held true when compared to your real world experience of the financial markets during this period.

You are strongly encouraged to seek to explain the reasons for this divergence from theory from both a commercial and theoretical perspective – providing journal based references to support your critical arguments where appropriate.

Such theories and models may include, (but are not limited to); Modern Portfolio Theory, CAPM, Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), NPV, financial ratios (e.g. P/E) and Noise Trading.

You are strongly encouraged to incorporate charts and data tables where appropriate – both of which will be excluded from the word count.

The total word count for this paper must be strictly within the bounds of 2,500 – 3,000 words excluding references, appendices, charts and data tables. Please indicate your total applicable word count at the end of your paper.

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