Converging Cultures

The converging cultures: view the video “Dreams and Visions”. compare how imaged scenes speak to real world concerns? And answer the following questions.

Look carefully at each image.

1. Both Lam and Bosch created fantasy worlds that are rooted in their impressions of reality. How important do you think it is to understand the social and historical context for each work?

2. Describe the original context of each of these artworks was found. Remember that the context includes the time period, intended audience (culture) as well as the location.

How do these factors add to your understanding of the work’s meaning and the value attached to visions in each case?
3. Identify the two different approaches to spiritual visions by 17th century Spanish painters.

Regarding the portrayal of visions, what is a key difference between the approaches by Buddhist painters and those of Western artist.

4. What element occurs repeatedly across cultures to represent evil?