Consumer Behavior In Action


· Assess Human Resources Information Systems and business technology.

· Analyze data to identify potential Human Resources needs and problems.

· Apply market research and benchmarking techniques to generate solutions.

· Evaluate solutions in order to address workforce needs.

· Examine the financial impact of workforce solutions on organizational strategy.

· Create a report of the findings and recommended workforce solutions to optimize organizational performance.


You have been hired as the Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion Director for Google Inc. One of the first areas of business will be to familiarize yourself with Google and in doing so, you have been asked to produce a White Paper as part of your probationary period.


In a White Paper to the Senior VP of HR, address the following regarding the key aspects of a successful diversity and inclusion proposal.

· Discuss the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce at Google.

· What technology and HRIS systems would be needed or used in your department of diversity and inclusion and why?

· Analyze the most recent workforce composition data to determine potential needs and problems.

· Create a benchmark for diversity and inclusion and complete a GAP analysis with determined metrics needed.

· Generate solutions based on diversity and inclusion workforce needs and GAP analysis.

· Determine potential financial impacts of purposed solutions.

· Develop a strategic action plan based on purposed solutions to optimize organizational performance goals.