Company Croda International PLC- Fonancial Report

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Objective: This assignment asks you to prepare a financial report for a company Croda International PLC using data from Yahoo! Finance and the FAME database.

Question:You have just been employed by a financial services company. Your new manager wishes to test your skills so she sets an initial assignment for you. You should prepare a financial report about a UK listed firm. In your report, you should:


  1. Present and discuss the profile of the firm (including Main Shareholders, Market Capitalization, Stock Price, Stockholders’ Equity(Common Stock and Preferred Stock), Retained Earnings, Total Debt, Debt-Equity Ratio -Total Debt/Equity, Credit Risk, Dividends,Payout Ratio. Discuss also some recent financial news related to the firm that could be interesting to the shareholders) and its evolution in the last five years. You may find information about the profile of the firm, its capital structure and main competitors from Yahoo! Finance within the “Key Statistics” (also view Financials – Balance Sheet – Annual Data) and “Competitors” sections.You may find information about the profile of the firm, its capital structure and main competitors from the FAME database.

(20 marks)

  1. Look at the data on corporate financing choices of the firm (Retained Earnings, Debt and Equity) and discuss which theory (Trade-off Theory versus Pecking Order Theory) and dimensions (Taxes, Risk, Asset Type and Financial Slack) best explain what you see in the data in the past five years.

   (35 marks)



  1. Compute and report the followings two performance measuresfor the last five years: Market Value Added and Market to Book Ratio. Discuss the relationship between the Market Value of Equity and the Market to Book Ratio. You may find the information necessary to compute those measures in Yahoo! Finance within the Key Statistics and in the FAME database.

(10 marks)

  1. Compute and report the cost of equity of the firm (i.e. rate of return required by the shareholders) using the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). You may assume that the rates of return on the market and on the risk-free rateare 12% and 6%, respectively. The beta of the firm can be found in Yahoo! Finance within the Key Statistics section and in the FAME database. Discuss the relation between the market risk of the firm and the cost of equity.

(10 marks)

  1. Present the firm’s board remuneration (compensation) and report details on directors’ pay (as disclosed in the last annual report of the firm) detailing the weaknesses you have identified with respect to modern finance theories and discuss their potential impact on the shareholders and other stakeholders. Provide a balanced view by also discussing positive aspects of its board remuneration (assuming there are some!). You may find information about the board’s remuneration (compensation) from the company’s annual report.


Important details

  • To find the data you need, you should use the company’s annual report, Yahoo! Finance and the FAME database. For access to the FAME database click on the following link:

  • You should prepare your report in Microsoft Word or in another word processing software.
  • In section 3of the report, you should also include details about the data you used and the formulas you applied for your computations.

PG Coursework Assessment Criteria

In preparing your coursework, you should be aware that you will be assessed by reference to the extent to which your answers meet the following criteria:

Identification and application of knowledge to the question asked
Capacity to find data from online resources
Ability to apply theories related to the question asked
Demonstration of ability to structure and present work in a clear and coherent way
Evidence of reading and research
Clear and accurate expression

The marking grid based on on the following:

с Proportion of Marks %
Learning outcomes & scholarship 35%
Argument & understanding

+ Criticality & analysis


Use of sources & evidence, written communication &

presentation and academic referencing

Total 100%


Your coursework should clearly distinguish between your original words and ideas, and those of others. When referring to the work of others, from books, journals or any other source (including the internet), it is essential that you make this clear by acknowledging your source and referencing correctly. Failure to reference correctly will lose you marks and may constitute plagiarism or collusion.   University Policy on Plagiarism and Collusion


Mark capped to the pass mark

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