Company Analysis

For a company of your choice, select an important product or service offering within a particular market segment. Conduct a needs assessment – identify the customer’s product/service, delivery system, volume, and other needs. Articulate each customer need in such a way that it provides insight into why a customer would choose this company over another to fulfill that particular need.

Identify the important competitive priorities that are most closely related to fulfilling the customer’s needs. Discuss each one of the competitive priorities and analyze how it ties into meeting the customer’s needs. What level of capability must the company develop on each one of the competitive priorities? Based on your above analysis, which competitive priorities are order winners? Which ones are order qualifiers, and at what threshold level? Discuss what tradeoffs the company faces in its choice of competitive priorities. Do its order winners clash with each other, or with its order qualifiers?

Identify the core competencies that the company possesses. Are any of these competencies distinctive, i.e., something the competition cannot replicate easily? Discuss how each of the competencies ties into achieving the company’s order winners. Do these competencies detract from other competitive priorities?