Commit the Pefect Crime

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This course requires students to write a paper detailing how to commit the perfect crime. Before you get too excited, remember – there are rules. These rules are:

1) You much choose from the following scenarios

a. You are driving when you strike a male pedestrian who is crossing the street at a busy intersection in Huntington. On one corner is a gas station; on the second corner is a liquor store; and on the other two corners are vacant buildings. This occurs at 6:10 pm during the spring months. You are driving a black 2008 Honda Accord; and are wearing a green Marshall hoodie and blue jeans. You get out of the car, turn the man over and check his pulse. You get the man’s blood on your hoodie and on your blue jeans. You also get blood on your shoes. You realize there is a large dent on the hood of your car and several car parts are on the pavement. There are two witnesses to the hit and run, so you should assume that someone has you on video. To your knowledge there are no traffic cameras at that intersection. You do not know your victim. How will you cover up your crime?

b. You burglarize a one-story home in Huntington by using your elbow to break a window in the door of the mudroom that is located at the rear of the residence. You have been in this home before to repair a plumbing leak that was in the bathroom attached to the guest bedroom. You only met the male homeowner during the repair process. For the burglary, you wore a partial face shield that exposes your eyes and hair, but that covers your nose and mouth. You did not wear gloves but touch the doorknob to the guest bedroom to open the door. You put two diamond rings and one diamond necklace from the guest bedroom in the pocket of your blue jeans, and a laptop computer from the den in your backpack. Surprised when confronted in the kitchen by the female homeowner, you grab her purse from the kitchen counter and leave through the mudroom (which is attached to the kitchen). Now you must cover your tracks.

3) I repeat – you are not permitted to murder the witnesses to the crime
4) You are not permitted to just run away to avoid capture and prosecution. There is no running away from this assignment.
5) You must outline step-by-step what actions you will take to avoid arrest and prosecution. To do this, you must think like a cop – what steps would an investigator take to bring you to justice?
6) You must provide an explanation for why each step will help you be successful in eluding capture and prosecution based upon investigative practices and research.

Paper formatting
1) This paper should be written in APA format and include the following:
a. Title page
b. The paper narrative – approximately 8 pages in length, EXCLUSIVE OF TITLE PAGE AND REFERENCE LIST.
i. Each step must be listed in chronological order.
ii. Each step must include an explanation for why your actions will be successful in assisting you in avoiding arrest and prosecution. Cite scholarly/practitioner sources in your explanations.
iii. The paper must have a concluding paragraph that argues why your entire plan will be successful.
c. Reference page
2) APA format has several nuances such as location of page numbers, a running head, and punctuation on the reference page. Please review the OWL website for formatting protocol.
3) Your paper will be structured differently from the traditional academic paper. This paper is a “step-by-step” as opposed to a narrative. While you do need to write in paragraphs/complete sentences and cite your sources, this paper does not require a traditional introduction and conclusion. Instead, the conclusion will detail why your plan will be successful (see above).
4) Spelling, grammar, etc. will be part of your grade. I must be able to understand what you have written.
5) Feel free to be creative – you can include diagrams, pictures, graphs, charts, pictures of the evidence…this is supposed to be fun! ?
6) Write an annotated bibliography of your paper and bring it with you during dead week.

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