Change Management

Appraise the role and impact of healthcare administrators in facilitating effective change management related to technology.

Student Success Criteria
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A large integrated healthcare system recognizes the need for effectively managing change to their health information technology and systems. They currently have no formal governance method to evaluate and facilitate these changes. They contracted with your consulting firm to support them with a best practice recommendation on how to set up an oversight process. Given your expertise from the module readings, lectures and your own research develop a presentation on how this healthcare system would benefit from creation of a multidisciplinary HIT Innovation Steering Committee that monitors and facilitates change.

Create a PowerPoint presentation using speaker notes and/or voice narration that includes:

Description of the purpose and benefits of a technical oversight and change management committee
Discussion of recommended discipline and department memberships and why their inclusion is important on this type of committee
Discussion on methods an organization can use to manage and drive effective technology change
Discussion on the importance for the committee to be informed on new emerging technology, including suggestions on how this can be accomplished
Reference page of resources utilized