Career Exploration in Business

In choosing a major, ability counts as much as interest. In addition to considering what you enjoy, think about times and places when you excelled… Let your choice of a major reflect a discovery of your passions and potentials.

List your core values, such as contributing to society, achieving financial security and professional recognition, enjoying good health, or making time for fun.

—David Ellis, The Essential Guide to Becoming a Master Student

In this assignment, you will become more familiar with your academic program, learning more about what courses are offered and looking at a snapshot of program highlights and coursework examples.

As you conduct your program research, keep these questions in mind so that you can answer them in this unit’s assignment.

Why did you select your current academic program? Consider both internal and external influences.
What industry certifications are related to your career field? Are there any which you are interested in pursuing?
What internships or apprenticeships are related to your major? Do any of them interest you? Consider the potential titles, companies, and things you might learn.
What kinds of career opportunities are there in your field? Consider the potential titles and companies for whom you may work. Which do you find most interesting?
What have you discovered about your academic program that you didn’t know before?