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In Weeks 3-5 you were directed to keep a professional work (Please refer to Week 2 for a review of instructions). Now you will write a journal response paper. You will review your work entries and create a short reflective work from some of your entries on what you have learned so far and how you have applied that learning. Your work should include your experiences, observations, and key concepts. This assignment will be a Turnitin paper of 2 – 3 pages, not including the title page.

Your paper should be formatted in APA style. Include at least one (1) peer-reviewed source related to course material taken in your academic program and scholarly work

Week 2

This week is an introduction to keeping professional work. Starting in Week 3 make sure you have at least one (1) entry in your professional journal each week using the templates provided, in this course, as a guide. Students are to make at least one (1) entry in their professional journal each week. The entries will be reported in CLA1 due in Week 6 (a link to a template can be found in the resources section of this syllabus).

In your discussion post:
Read the articles on journaling and review the template provided.
Identify what approach, to journaling, in the articles you found useful and why.
Post to the discussion forum that you have reviewed the journaling materials and what you learned, based on the articles.
Journal writing tips are provided in the Internship Course Resources under Supplementary Material in this GAP course. Here is also a web article with templates to review as well: Guide to Keeping a Work Journal (with downloadable template) (
You may also post if you have experience journaling, your thoughts about journaling, and further questions you may have about journaling.