Business Analytics’ for Managers

Business Analytics’ for Managers

Total Points: 10


Finding an amazing discovery using data analytics is a wonderful feeling. Often you are the subject matter expert within your organization doing complex and nuanced analysis. In most situations this is not the last stop for your new insight, you must explain and share your findings with executive leadership who have limited time and limited knowledge of the intricacies of your data. Boiling down your data findings to “need-to-knows” is a hard skill and is the end goal of many of the business intelligence platforms you have viewed in this class. This assignment will have you create a PowerPoint presentation with some of your findings.

The below are some tips using slides from McKinsey and Company. It is not expected that your slides will have the level of graphics shown as McKinsey has departments dedicated to their PowerPoints, but the tips are still helpful.

Review of 39pg McKinsey Presentation


Using the data from Assignments 1 and 2 to look into the prices of bread; please include at least two slides and three charts. Some ideas may be comparing the prices in different areas, prices compared to other items like flour, (which is used to make bread) or cheese, (which is put on bread). Please note that this is not expected to be a research paper on bread; one – three bullet points on each chart is perfect.


Create a PowerPoint with at least two slides and three charts and upload it to Blackboard.

Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated before you write, and again after you write.


I have gotten a few questions on the assignment for this unit. The assignment asks you to create a PowerPoint document with any findings you discovered using the Base Data. The Base Data contains the Customer Price Index information for a variety of goods, you may explore this data and summarize anything you find – for example: the price of cheese and wine by area, or the cost of bread vs. its ingredients by year.

Evaluation Rubric for PowerPoint Assignment





(0 – 2 Points)

(2– 3 Points)

(4 -5 Points)


Slides or incomplete. Data not readable.

Slides clearly state findings. Labels and titles are suitable for analysis.

Creative insight into data. Slides show a high level of design and readability.

(0 – 2 Points)

(2– 3 Points)

(4 -5 Points)


Charts are missing or included but unlabeled.

Charts include all necessary labels and information was readable.

Graphs have all axes labeled, easy to read and understand.