Business Administration

Informational Interview in Business Administration Path
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Additional paragraphs as necessary..

Here are some questions you might consider:

· What sparked your interest in this career field?

· What does a typical day entail in your line of work?

· What do you like most about your career field?

· What are some challenges you face in this career choice?

· How do you handle your work-life balance?

· What suggestions do you have for someone who is interested in this field?

· Who else do you recommend I talk to?

· How did you achieve a degree in business administration?

· How long have you been working as S1 Business Administrator?

· How do you handle communication during problem-solving?

Part 3 (due by the end of Unit 6)

After your interview, summarize your notes in two or three paragraphs. Include the name of the interviewee, a short biography describing his or her professional background and experiences, and a brief synopsis of your interview details/highlights. Be sure to include a reflection on why you chose to interview this person and what you learned relative to your career. Finally, make sure to include the questions you asked. You may find this template helpful.