Business Administration

Field of Study: Business Administration

Locate a scholarly publication relative to your field of study. Skim articles within the scholarly publication and locate a title that sparks your interest. Read the source to gain an understanding of current events and other contemporary discourses and find out what people are saying, what various sides think and why.
Draft 3C requires:
You must use one approved citation style, based on the conventions of your field (MLALinks to an external site. or APALinks to an external site.)
A two-part title that conveys interest and a specific focus for the draft’s purpose
A 1-2-paragraph introduction
4 or more body paragraphs
1-2 paragraph ending
4 or more body paragraphs that explore prompts and points like the following:
Search for and locate scholarly and popular article(s) related to some specific issue or aspect within your major, a potential career field, or area of interest
Analyze (breakdown and examine) or critique the credibility, logic, emotional appeals, structure, and overall effectiveness of each article’s main point, its relevance to you
Create and support your own argument about a particular issue or topic within your major or potential career
Locate or develop an argument related to a nonacademic interest of yours, develop a specific claim, and support it with reasons and evidence
Explain why your point matters, to whom, and what can be done to better address or resolve it.