Block Chain

*Students should leverage content from the course readings and videos this week to guide thoughts for this assignment”Your task is to create a brief presentation one where you think the future of blockchain marketing is going in the next 5 years. You should leverage at least 3 fundamental resources from the class and approach the power point answering these questions: . The following questions should be answered:

What are 3 primary competitive advantages for companies to use blockchain marketing?
For each of those 3 advantages, why are they an advantage and do you believe they will still be valid benefits to companies in 5 years?
What data privacy challenges do you think will be a potential barrier for those competitive advantages in the next 5 years as more data privacy law is possibly enacted?
What is the future of blockchain in general going to look like in 5 years?
This power point presentation should be 7-9 slides in length, to include title slide, 6 individual topic slides, and a THANK YOU slide at the end.The power point can be in any format and style. However it needs to have a professional tone and mirror what an executive audience would expect. Spelling, grammar and formatting will be evaluate