Assignment Paper

Shows a thorough understanding of the topic
Addresses all aspects of the task
Shows an ability to analyze, evaluate compare and/or contrast issues and events
Research skills
Richly supports research with relevant facts, examples and details
Isa well-developed , consistently demonstrating a logical and clear plan of organization
Includes a strong introduction, main idea and conclusion
Includes relevant facts, examples and details that support all aspects of the task
The spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and grammar are accurate
A thorough understanding of APA format

5-6 full pages doubled spaced –APA 7th edition format (cover pg, abstract, citations within text for resources used, reference page- these pages are not included in the 5-6 pg requirement) APA format pamplet can be found in the library.

12 inch font – Times New Roman Print

1 inch margins

Number your pages

Indent your paragraphs.

No wide margins or triple spacing between paragraphs.

The front page should be head as follows:
Assignment Name
Professor’s Name
Your work MUST be in a composition format, which means you should have:

1. An Introductory paragraph(s) – this will introduce the reader to your topic (state your argument) and explain what you are going to be talking about

2. The body – this will be where you explain the issue and analyze the problem (elaborate on your argument and provide supporting material)

The first sentence of each paragraph should state a part of your argument, the next couple of sentences should elaborate on that point and provide support for your argument, and the last sentence should restate your point and sum up the paragraph.

3. A conclusion – this will summarize everything that you have spoken about in your work and restate your argument from the intro. (DO NOT INTRODUCE ANY NEW THOUGHTS) Make sure you cite any sources you use