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Locate and Identify the “Best Levels of Evidence”

The final step to the perfect PICO search is to determine the level of evidence within each relevant article. In searching for the best available evidence, a hierarchy exists regarding the level and strength of evidence (see Fig. below). As you review the journal articles found in discussion 4, select those that are based on the highest level of evidence.

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1. Review and use the John Hopkins Appendix H Form

1. Download John Hopkins Appendix H Form to locate and identify the best level of evidence to answer your developed PICOT question for the Literature Review (attached the completed form to this discussion).

2. Title the discussion with the PICOT question.

3. Initial post: Your post should be within a range of 150-200 words and respond to the following question?

1. Identify the level type of category of the evidence for the literature review.

2. Now that you see all the studies together identify the overall strength of the evidence (strong, compelling, etc.).

3. Now ask yourself what can be implemented why or why not (feasibility).

4. Peer response: Identify two (2) students that may share a similar question and share with them the purpose of your literature review (1 sentence eg. The purpose of this review is to examine the effects of hydrotherapy on reducing foot edema among chronic CHF diagnosed patients). Comment on their purposes and invite them to join your EBP group.

5. Cite your references APA 7th ed. (not included in the length of the post).

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