Assignment Paper

imagine you are the lead trainer for a global organization, and you are ready for the next step in your career. Through data analytics and observations, you have noticed that employees across the organization do not share their knowledge with one another, whether it be from skills training they recently completed to general knowledge that could enhance the capabilities of the organization. This is a big issue for your organization. The chief executive officer (CEO) and the chief human resources officer (CHRO) have asked you to come up with solutions to address the issue. You see this as a potential opportunity for growth in your career. You have decided to come up with some solutions to address the issue. If the leadership is impressed with your presentation, it could mean a promotion for you.

Create a PowerPoint presentation based on a fictitious company name and location (or use your current company). You will need to make your solutions specific to this company. In the introduction, give the company name and location and some brief background information about the company and industry. Feel free to choose any industry (e.g., technology, manufacturing, advertising, or your current industry) that interests you, and add any details that you think are necessary.

Within your PowerPoint presentation, provide the information below.

Give three reasons as to why employees do not share Knowledge.
give three solutions that your organization can incorporate to encourage Knowledge sharing among employees.
Outline a plan for professional training and development related to your career and include how you plan to be committed and intentional about knowledge sharing (e.g., job rotation, cross training, mentoring, etc.).
The PowerPoint presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. Each slide must contain speaker notes. Each speaker note should be at least one paragraph containing 5-10 sentences.

At least two images or graphics should be used in your presentation. You are required to use at least one academic or peer-reviewed source to support your presentation. All sources used must be cited and referenced according to APA guidelines.