Assignment Paper

The barbershop often functions as the public square within the Black American community and is considered sacred space. It is the idea place to experience the heart of a community.

Select a people group other than your own and visit their “barbershop.” Write a report on your experience.

1. Self-Awareness: Describe your internal experience. For example, what aspects made you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Did you feel welcomed? Were you excited or nervous? How did you manage your anxieties?

2.Understanding Others: Describe your observations of those at the “barbershop.” For example, what did you noticed in their style of communication and body language? How did they interact with each other? What were some of the main topics of conversations? How did they handle consensus and disagreement?

3.Professional Development: What did you learn that might make a difference in your work as a Helping Professional? How will this experience prepare you to work with culturally diverse clients?