Assignment Paper

Instructions: You’ve learned the terminology and studied some of Television’s most important shows, now it’s your turn to take the reins. You have learned a language with which to discuss television. Now it is time to choose ANY SCRIPTED, NARRATIVE TELEVISION SHOW and Analyze it using the language and skill set you have cultivated in this course. TV show: Peaky Blinders. In your writing, you must reference at least THREE episodes of the television series you are analyzing.
50 Points: Introduce the show. Discuss the show’s premise, genre, style and tone. Discuss the show’s broadcast history. Discuss the types of character architecture and dynamics the show employs.
50 Points: Discuss the Wants, Needs and Life Dreams of the show’s Main Characters (those appearing in the Opening Titles). Discuss the ways in which each of these main characters is characterized in several different episodes. How are these characters and their points of view used to create tension in one episode versus another?
50 Points: Discuss the types of tension the show employs. Do different episodes use different types of tensions or is the same type of tension (suspense, for example) used more often than others? How frequently are narrative devices such as non-linear narrative employed?
50 Points: Discuss the show’s themes. What’s the show have to say? What are its themes? Do themes vary week to week or is the show usually about the same idea? If the idea is the same, what seems to be the show’s perspective on this theme? If the themes seem to be different, is there some unifying idea you can find from episode to episode? Use specific examples from episodes to support your claims.
1500-3000 Words.
This should be double-spaced and free of spelling and grammatical errors.