Assignment Paper

Step 1. Critical: all else depends on your finding a Randomized Controlled (Clinical) Trial Peer-Reviewed Journal Article (Level II Evidence) Review Figure 1.1,~ p. 13 of your textbook for the Level of Evidence Pyramid, which shows an RCT is at Level II. When you communicate with physicians about an article, they respect the article more when it is at least on the Level II evidence pyramid, which suggests more credibility and possibly better input regarding outcomes of care. Find your peer-reviewed Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) article related to your area of interest.

Step 2. Once you have your article, read it, and then look at the CONSORT Checklist, and write the page number in the article that has the information the checklist requires. (FYI, researchers who publish their research use this checklist to be sure they have everything in their article, or it is often not accepted by premier scholarly publishers). The checklist is worth 25 points, as it takes time and discernment to do it correctly.

Step 3: Once your fill out the CONSORT CHECKLIST (25 points), you must then write a formal summary of the Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses (worth 8 points) that you will notice is on the CONSORT checklist. The following steps are to assist you in distilling the specifics for what is required in the Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses for the CONSORT checklist. .

Step 4 Specifics of the ANALYSIS OF STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES. Review ~p. 9 of your research textbook, and then note how to write

Introduction (1 point)
+ Purpose of the RCT (discuss)

Overall Strengths and Weaknesses (1 point)
+ Research Design (Discuss)

+ Important Findings

Reliability and Validity (2 points) (Check the
methods, instruments, measurements or

procedures sections of article); statistics; Level of Evidence and

implications; cause-effect measurement; any threats to internal

or external validity

Ethics (1 point)
+ IRB? +Conflict of Interest +Informed Consent Signed

Topic/Summary (2 points)
+ Implications

+ Limitations

+ Recommendation(s)

Step 5 Proofread, check for accuracy of information, grammar, and proper use of APA guidelines (worth 1 point)

Step 6: Now look at the exemplar for the CHECKLIST and Analysis of Strengths of Weaknesses.

Step 7: Calculate your grade: 25 possible points for CONSORT CHECKLIST being accurate and 8 points for Analysis of Strengths and

Weaknesses = 33 possible points