Assignment Paper

The summary must indicate the type of information that will be addressed in the project. It should include your thesis statement/question (what exactly are you addressing – what is the question you are trying to answer), the purpose (why are you doing this project, why is it important), methods (how are you going to accomplish this project, literature search, interviews, survey, reviewing plans from cities of similar size), and scope of the project (documenting your project’s limitations, what are the deliverables, who are you interviewing or surveying – doctors from these 3 hospitals or law enforcement officers in X city). If there’s anything else that might impact those things (limitations due to COVID, etc.). It should make no qualitative judgements about the work, nor should it indicate any results or conclusions about the work addressed in the project.

It will help both you and the faculty advisor if you identify each of those 4 elements (bold or separate them and indicate them with a heading).

Thesis statement/question: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Purpose: yyyyyyyyyyyy

Methods: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Scope: wwwwwwww

Length is 2-4 paragraphs (1/2 page to 1 page)