Assignment Paper

Contracts play an important part of all leasing, whether it be residential or commercial. It is important that the verbiage used on a contract be carefully examined in order to determine the rights and obligations of all parties. For all intents and purposes, presume the contract, as well as all addendums, has been properly signed, it is valid and enforceable.

Tenant is planning on leaving her job and starting an online business on, making crafts at her rental home that she will sell online. Is she required to notify her landlord? Why or why not?
Tenant has recently been diagnosed with PTSD and her doctor has recommended she obtain a therapy dog to assist her. However, she already has a dog named Happy and plans to have him trained to be her therapy dog. How might this change her rental agreement?
Tenant’s dog recently chewed through her patio screen and she would like this replaced. Who is responsible for this repair?
Tenant’s brother is going through a difficult time finding a rental of his own and has decided to come stay with her for three months, until the rental he signed a contract for is ready. Does the tenant have any legal obligation to inform her landlord? Why or why not?
The tenant has been saving her money and is considering buying a home of her own. If she terminates her lease five months before the lease ends, what are her obligations to her landlord? Please be sure to address all financial, notice and legal obligations.
Be sure to clearly number each of your answers to the corresponding questions. Don’t forget to note which section of the lease your answer is based upon for each question. Also, please be sure to thoroughly answer each question in detail. Answers should be written in complete sentences, with clarity and proper grammar. If you cite to any laws to support your answers, please be sure to include a citation to your source