Assignment Paper

Developing self-awareness is key to any leader’s success. Based on the readings this week, mindfully reflect on your leadership strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

Discuss your leadership philosophy and vision.
Based on your reflection and self-assessment, create an action plan to address your opportunities for improvement.
Support your plan with professional references from the literature.
Based on your self-assessment, reflect on the questions asked in Broome & Marshall in Exhibit 4.2 Systems Thinking Survey.

Identify one strength and one opportunity for improvement.
Share your strength and provide an example of why you feel that is a strength.
Share your area that can be improved and why.
Develop a 3 point action plan for personal performance improvement.
should be formatted per current APA and 3-5 pages in length, excluding title page and reference page.
The references should be current (published within the last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, court opinions).