Assessment of 3D external breath-hold (3DExBH) CT vs. 4D-CT imaging for contouring of Pancreas tumours for radiotherapy

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Background of motion in RT (read the AAPM task group 76, report no 91)

The use of 4DCT (a bit on the technology)

Evidence is clear that 4DCT provides benefit over breath hold 3DCT

Use of breath hold in radiotherapy (e.g. shown to be beneficial for various sites e.g. breast)

the aim of the research (expand it please)
what evidence is there for the use of exhale breath hold (exBH) CT scans in defining volumes in moving targets for external beam radiotherapy treatments (e.g. pancreas volume definition in the SPARC radiotherapy trial)
• What impact does a 3D breath hold scan have on the definition of the target volume that has been derived from a 4DCT scan

Depending on outcomes of the above points,
• What is the difference between radiotherapy treatment plans generated using 4DCT only verses 4DCT+ 3DexBH scan?

I will upload the sources and the articles

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