Assessing the impacts of opec & non opec agreement (declaration of cooperation) on Russia’s energy policies and implication for the oil market

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1. OPEC agrеements

• “Algiers Accord” in Seрtember 2016
• “Vienna Agreement” in November 2016
• “Declaration of Cooperation” in December 2016

2. Non-OPEC participating countries with a focus on Russia

3. Energу Policies in Russia (with focus on upstream and downstream – no need for electricity and environment)
4. The effect of declaration of cooperation on Russia’s energy policies (Russia’s own production cut and the total production cut)
5. Russia is an oil driven economy (cut in production will translate into cut in oil revenues in the short term)
6. Focus on medium to long term (10 to 20 years ahead)
7. Implications for the oil market (in terms of market share, oil price and oil trade as well as oil sales)

• Please note i will attach a full set of document
• There will be a format of how I want this paper to be.
• The OPEC and non OPEC agreement to give article
• A previous report done by the professor paper called “Russia’s new fiscal policy and ensuing implications on long-term supply” could be also used as reference for assistance
• A report example.
• Please also use the OPEC website and go to the link press release also good assist for the paper

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