Anna Freud – Ego Psychology and Object Relations

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Assignment description:
Clinical Assignment is a paper (Length -8 pages): Based on the student’s understanding of the reading material and its application to clinical practice provide an account of the theorist’s models of the mind, human development, psychopathology, and technique.

Not more than 8 double-spaced, typewritten pages.Use a 12 point font and margins of one inch for the top, bottom and sides.

Describe an account of Anna Freud’s models of the mind, human development, psychopathology and clinical technique.

* Integrate the required readings, handouts and literature review (research).

• How does using this clinical perspective enhance your therapeutic approach? Provide brief clinical vignettes to illustrate one important finding.

Things to think about:

• What are the clinical benefits of this theory? (e.g., assessment, diagnosis, interventions?)

• What are the limitations of the theory? (e.g., assessment, diagnosis, interventions?)

• How does this theorist lend her/himself to social work practice?

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