Analyse: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot, in terms of the images and allusions.

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-Overview of the Assignment:

Perform close reading and literary analysis, conduct investigative research, synthesize research to support an original thesis or argument, and produce an annotated bibliography and research paper. This project is composed of multiple tasks and multiple grades, including a research proposal, a bibliography, a research paper.

-The Research Proposal and Outline :

You need to find at least four sources to complete your research proposal. Write a brief statement of about 100-200 words (one or two paragraphs) in which you indicate the idea or subject you wish to explore, explain how you plan to proceed, and state your tentative thesis (the main point you wish to prove). Include with your proposal a bibliography of at least 3 items related to the topic or useful for your paper (including items on relevant related subjects).

-The Bibliography

When choosing your 5 source materials, remember that books from university and trade presses, journal articles (printed or online), and other scholarly materials (especially recent ones) are helpful to include. Materials that are not acceptable include textbooks, since with few exceptions they are not based on original research, and most websites, which have not been evaluated by reputable scholars before publication.

-Research Paper

In your research paper, you will present the results of your investigation into your literary topic of interest. Your thesis, which guided your research, should be supported by well-chosen citations from your various resources incorporated into a paper that is between 5 and 7 pages long and written using standard APA

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