American Literature

For this journal entry:

1.) Choose a situation from which Franklin learns an important lesson. This can be one of his errata OR his observation of behavior that created a problem for or caused the failure of someone else.

2.) In the introduction, briefly describe the situation. Conclude the intro with a thesis that focuses on what Franklin learned.

3.) Select a quote, that supports your thesis, in which Franklin tells the reader what he learned OR why the situation was important. Often Franklin directly gives fatherly advice to the reader.

4.) Introduce the quote in the 2nd paragraph. By “introduce the quote,” I mean establish the context of the quote.

5.) In your discussion of the quote, include what the quote reveals about Franklin’s beliefs and/or how the quote helps fulfill the purpose of his autobiography.

Your entry should be 4 paragraphs long.

Slavery – 2 – Liberty in the Air – YouTube