Maria Tallchief is a single taxpayer (birthdate May 18, 1995) living at 543 Space Drive, Houston, TX 77099. Her Social Security number is 466-33-1234. For 2022, Maria has no dependents, and received a W-2 from her job at a local restaurant where she is a cashier. These wages are Maria’s only income for 2022.

Complete Form 1040 for Maria Tallchief for the 2022 tax year. If there is an over-payment, she would like a refund.

She wants to donate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. The election to donate does not affect tax liability in any way.
Maria has health care coverage for the full year.
Enter all amounts as positive numbers.
If an amount box requires no entry or the amount is zero, enter “0”.
If required, round amounts to the nearest dollar.