New Abortion Law In Texas

I am writing an argumentative essay on the new abortion law in Texas. My main question is “Does the Texas abortion law violate women’s rights?” and I need
to write a annotated bibliography. Can u find sources that help my argument that it is violating women right and write an annotated bibliography.
here are the instructions for the assignment:
Annotated Bibliography Instructions
The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to select sources and to (re)define your research question for your readers. Prepare
bibliographic entries using in A Writer’s Reference “MLA Style (refer to MLA-4b, pages 394-423), and following each entry offer a critical summary/evaluation
(5 sentences minimum per source which will be about 25 sentences for the entire assignment)). Your annotated bibliography should contain at least 5
sources. For each source, begin by brainstorming responses to the following questions:
For each source, begin by brainstorming responses to the following questions:
What is the purpose of the source?
Who is the author’s intended audience, and how do you know this?
What is the author’s thesis? What evidence supports their thesis?
What qualifications and expertise does the author bring?
Does the author have any biases or make any questionable assumptions?
Why do you think this source is useful for your essay? How will you use the source in your essay? (Does the source provide background or context? Does the
source define the issue? Does the source provide evidence for your thesis? Does the source support, disagree, support and disagree, or complicate your
How does this source relate to the other sources in your bibliography? (Does the source agree with another source? Does the source disagree with another
source? Does the source provide further explanation or evidence for another source?)