Innovation Implementation Strategy

For a manager to successfully execute a strategy for a product or process innovation, they must have a strategy for the implementation, which requires flexing their skills in information analysis. Understanding the impact of regulatory requirements and the ethical considerations for the rollout are key factors to developing strategies for a successful launch. Each innovation will have its own considerations, such as protecting intellectual property rights, complying with federal regulations and local laws, or issues affecting the community.

This week, you’ll present the implementation strategy for your innovation to the executive leadership team and the project management office (PMO) so they can assign resources and put a project team together.

Assessment Deliverable
Complete a 700- to- 1,225-word implementation strategy for the innovation you selected.

Identify the organizational resources necessary to implement and assess whether the organization has the resources or must hire or contract to get there.

Explain any ethical, legal, and regulatory implications related to the implementation.

Identify regulatory stakeholders that may influence the approval and implementation of your innovation.
Identify legal mechanisms to protect the innovation through patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets.
Identify any ethical issues related to the implementation of the innovation.
Establish a timeline for deploying your innovation. Include at least 5 major tasks or milestones that must be accomplished to roll out your innovation. Consider formatting your timeline as a chart.

Cite any references to support

Format your assessment according to APA guidelines