Criminal Justice

When working in criminal justice, you will likely be facilitating numerous interviews and interactions with clients regardless of what role you take. In this assignment, you have the opportunity to consider how you would interact with a particular client and apply the concepts, techniques, and skills that have been outlined throughout the course.

Watch these videos from the University Library:

Juvenile sex offender interview: Anthony B
Juvenile sex offender interview: Anthony J
Juvenile sex offender interview: Zachary W
Choose one of the offender interviews and imagine the offender as your client.

Consider what you learned through your Week 3 assignment and apply those skills in the 4 parts below.

Part 1: Client Analysis

Write a brief 175- to 350-word description of this client and your strategy for interviewing the client.

Part 2: Interview Questions

Write a list of 16 to 24 questions and statements you would use when working with the offender you chose as your client.

Part 3: Facilitation Skills Summary

Write a brief 175- to 350-word summary of how you would use these questions and statements to facilitate your sessions with your ”client.” Respond to the following:

What is the facilitation skill?
How would you use this skill?
Part 4: Facilitation Skills Session Transcript

Choose 2 to 3 facilitation skills from your facilitation skills summary in Part 3.

Write a 350- to 525-word transcript of a fictional session with your client in which you demonstrate each skill.