Assignment Paper

BA Students


Please read the following article to help shape your thoughts and ideas: The Impact of Building Codes Changes onf Fire Service Safety


What are the problems with the Smith Hill Emergency Management organization? How can emergency planning be improved in this town?


Video on Listening

1. After watching the video on listening answer the following questions: Considering that communication is a way to convince others to see your point of view, are there any skills that you use to make sure your message is heard?

2. Would you consider yourself to be an open or closed listener? Do you look forward to hearing what people say or do you try to shut them down?

Part 2:

1. Observe two or more people (can be anyone involved in a conversation) interacting. Select one person to analyze their listening habits. Answer the following questions:

a. Did the person you chose check to ensure they understood what the other person(s) said? If so, what techniques did they use? (briefly summarize the technique using the textbook terminology)

b. Was the person you chose “actively” listening? How could you tell?

c. What recommendations would you have, for the person to become a better active listener?

2. Complete the self-assessment test at: and summarize your results for the class by completing the following:

a. Answer the following questions (BEFORE you take the test):

i. How effective of a listener are you?

ii. What is your biggest barrier to being an effective listener?

b. Answer the following questions (AFTER you take the test):

i. Did the results of the test match with how you perceived your listening skills? Explain.

ii. What is one SPECIFIC thing you could do to become a better listener? Why did you choose this?

Make sure your answers utilize applicable course material, concepts, and terminology.


We have all heard the saying, “You have one chance to make a good first impression”. If we were going to analyze this in social psychology terms, what would we say? What is the source of most of your knowledge about impression management?


Societal changes have led to a change in the nature of initiation rites associated with transition into adulthood. Are young adults better off today as a result of the changes? What are some initiation rites that you experienced and did they help or hinder your transition into adulthood? If you do not wish to share a personal experience, identify a rite of passage and discuss its impact on the transition into adulthood.


Part I

The Fourth Amendment sets limitations to stop and frisk and arrests. It also affords individuals to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizures. This discussion asks you to examine probable cause and illegal searches and seizures.

Please thoroughly discuss each of the following:

1. A police officer must have probable cause to arrest an individual. How much probable cause is needed to secure an arrest or search warrant? What is the difference between a stop, a frisk, and an arrest?

2. What is the exclusionary rule? Discuss the exceptions to the exclusionary rule.

Part II

Using the facts provided to you in the Week One discussion, answer the following questions:

1) Did the police have probable cause to arrest Mayo?

2) Did law enforcement violate Mayo’s constitutional rights? If yes, explain how. If not, explain why.

3) Were the police required to read Mayo his Miranda Rights? Discuss why.


There are two basic elements required for any crime: actus rea and mens rea. A crime must be the result of a voluntary act and it must have the evil intent at the time of the crime. This is established by looking at the state of mind of the offender at the time of the crime.

Defenses to a crime can be justifications or excuses. A justification defense indicates that the act was criminal, but the actor was justified, while defenses of excuse indicate that the act was not a crime due to some extenuating circumstance.

Read the following scenario and and answer its questions:

Maria has been angry with Carlos for a very long time. She had threatened to kill Carlos on a couple of occasions. One day, Maria sees Carlos standing on a street corner waiting to cross the street. There are several people standing around Carlos, also waiting to cross. Maria pulls out a gun and fires at Carlos. The bullet grazes Carlos’s arm, injuring him. However, the same bullet strikes and kills Raquel, who was unknown to Maria.

1) Considering the ideas and concepts covered this week, what crime or crimes has Maria committed? Explain your reasoning, especially with regard to actus rea, mens rea and corpus delicti. What might be some valid defenses that Maria may assert?

2) Now, research the relevant statutes in your state that correspond to the crimes and defenses that you discussed in your answers to Q1. In light of what you see in your state statutes, how might your answers, including about possible defenses, change (if at all)?

3) How did conducting research and going through each step of legal analysis help you to reach this conclusion? Analyze how you applied critical thinking and legal analytical skills to assist you in this regard. What new research and/or analytical tool or method did you try for the first time this week? What do you think you do well and what would you like to strengthen so that you continue to improve?

4) Collaborate with each other as the week goes on to make all aspects of this Discussion as robust as possible.


What impact does web video have in social media marketing and what is the importance of engaging in social media discussions?


“Leadership and Leadership Theories”, think of a leader you admire and respect. Which approach do they best represent (traits, situational, functional, or transformative) and why? How would you characterize this leader’s style and why?


describe the main differences between food security and food safety.

Then, find an article or web resource that provides an example or illustration of food security and/or a food security concern. Post a link and summarize the article.

Third, describe the main responsibilities that every citizen should have when it comes to food security.

What should they do if they see an issue pertaining to food security? Do you know what resources to use to report an incident or suspicion? Do some research and find out where and how you should report suspicious activity in terms of food, and post that information as the final part of your post.


Read this article:

Choose one of the cases, or find a similar case online, and discuss the ethics involved. Explain if the person posting on social media was feeling alienation or autonomy. What would you have done in this situation and why?


Describe the systems of slavery that has existed in Africa since Ancient times and how is the slavery system used by Africans and Arabs different from the New World slave systems developed under the Spanish, Dutch, French, and English ? Feel free to also discuss the painful history of the Middle Passage as that connects the two. If you go into great specifics on the Middle Passage then some of the other aspects may be shortened.

Sources- Excluding the use of encyclopedias and Wikipedia for this and all forums-look to your textbook, lessons and APUS library resources for help. If you use a website you need to add what website by full format including author, title of webpage and link to site.

In your answer make sure you discuss the ways in which slaves were obtained for sale, the treatment of slaves in each form of enslavement, the roles and duties of slaves in each area and if the slaves could gain their freedom. Also in previous American History courses the books only accounts the English slavery that began in the 1600s but slavery was in the New World since Columbus in 1490s. This class will discuss slavery from Africa in the New World since the 1490s. Slaves were in South Carolina and Florida since the 1520s…